Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sometimes life does not work out how you want it to. We make decisions that cost us so much pain and sadness. But we are the ones who have to deal with it. No one else. It is a shame because it hurts those around us as well. Life stinks sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it.

Yes life is simple, and dumbasses like me complicate it and screw it up... I have so many regrets in my life and this is just another in a super long list... I am a fool and a someone who deserves what ever he gets in the way of pain...

Lifes events:Take three

About a year ago, i wrote about the trials and tribulations of my life. I had just lost a great job and my house and my wife. Today a year later, I have a decent new job, in fact I was just recently promoted. I have renewed my friendships with some really great people, who kept me from living in the streets(Rich+Laurie and Tom+Kathy) who have helped me get a job(Thanks Kevin), got some training in the CCTV field, which lead to my current position as the Assistant Manager In Charge of Safety and Security. I have renewed my relationship with my family after spending so many years away while in the Corps. So I guess I am proof that what does not kill us makes us stronger. Today I am better then I was last year and much happier. Thank you My Friends for supporting me in my time of strife! I could not have done it without You all! time to update this... never take for granted the things you have in life... like friends and jobs and family
So glad that summertime is here i missed it so...