Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lifes events:Take three

About a year ago, i wrote about the trials and tribulations of my life. I had just lost a great job and my house and my wife. Today a year later, I have a decent new job, in fact I was just recently promoted. I have renewed my friendships with some really great people, who kept me from living in the streets(Rich+Laurie and Tom+Kathy) who have helped me get a job(Thanks Kevin), got some training in the CCTV field, which lead to my current position as the Assistant Manager In Charge of Safety and Security. I have renewed my relationship with my family after spending so many years away while in the Corps. So I guess I am proof that what does not kill us makes us stronger. Today I am better then I was last year and much happier. Thank you My Friends for supporting me in my time of strife! I could not have done it without You all! time to update this... never take for granted the things you have in life... like friends and jobs and family

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